Frequently Asked Questions 

The Hotel and Hospitality industry represents an area of strong potential for career growth and provides individuals with great opportunities to work in some of the most prestigious establishments around the world.

Q1 - What experience does Viking Hospitality Limited have? Viking is renowned in the cruise and super yacht industry.

With in excess of 25 years of providing the very best in hotel staff to the luxury cruise and superyacht sectors we have the knowledge, understanding and professionalism to know the requirements for the hotel and hospitality industry. This is coupled with one of the largest hotel staff databases in the world and the partnership of Front Foot Hospitality, Viking Hospitality Limited gives a new dynamics to recruitment and placement of hotel staff.

Q2 - I have not had my application acknowledged. What happens to it?

Our involvement as being a leader in recruitment in the Hotel and Hospitality industry means that we receive a tremendous amount of applications for positions, and regret fully we are simply unable to respond to all of these straight away. However, they are all retained on the Viking online database. As vacancies occur, we search our database for the most suitable candidates whom we can consider and therefore may contact you almost immediately after you apply or many months later. We also realise that your circumstances may have changed so it is always useful to hear from you from time to time.

Q3 - What sort of candidate experience do you look for?

Previous hotel or hospitality experience is always beneficial; however this is certainly not essential. We like to study applications, speak with the candidates and judge each on its merits including many elements such as attitude, general manner, expectations, presentation of paperwork and quality of companies previously worked with.

Q4 - What type of personal qualities are required?

Our Clients look for a positive attitude, flexibility, teamwork and a real interest in talking and being with people. Enthusiasm, a polite manner and smart, tidy appearance, at all times is also critical.

Q5 - How can I improve my chances of selection?

There are a number of ways. Quite often, efforts are made to contact good candidates but their personal details have changed and they cannot be traced. So please update your online profile with changes in telephone numbers, e-mail etc. The same applies to certificates, qualifications and experience. Send appraisals with your application or subsequently as you receive them as this gives clients the encouragement of anticipating that you are a good candidate. Generally, we would urge you to keep in contact. It is our philosophy that we are here to provide a service to the Client and the applicant. So definitely, you will not be bothering us - we want to talk to you, and help where we can.

Q6 - What positions are your client hotels and restaurants seeking?

We are seeking candidates for all openings through senior and middle management and the more junior positions. These include Hotel Managers, General Managers, Food and Beverage Managers and Executive Chefs and Sous Chefs. Also Bar Managers, Concierge, Reception, Waiter/ess, Housekeeping and many others. Promotion from within, still very often applies.

Q7 - What are the salary levels?

Salaries in the industry vary considerably depending on location. When working in large cities throughout the world you would normally receive higher salaries than being in smaller, quieter areas. Please feel free to contact us and we can advise.